Food for thought

A big thank you to Margaret Sadler, Poppa Cheese and all who commented on a facebook post for setting this blog into motion. Thank you for keeping me accountable and helping me set time aside to process a few thoughts and type them down into something that makes sense.

As always I aim to be as honest as possible and it ain’t about to stop now. So let’s dive in folks…….

The last half of last year was really difficult for me, myself and Kennedy really enjoyed being in the UK, having the opportunity to spend time with family, friends, church and to do some work. We were apart for a month whilst I was waiting for my visa, this was hard but we made it! We had a goal in sight. Being back in Cape Town was lovely as I had missed my family and friends this side but it didn’t come without challenges. I was feeling quite low, after really enjoying the time we spent in the UK, my heart really pulled towards my UK family. It was a combination of factors I guess, being with people who know me really well, have a similar sense of humour and sarcasm as I do and if truth be told, the easiness of life in the UK. Being able to work whilst I was waiting for my visa meant we were able to earn some money – and after some careful consideration, Kennedy and I decided that me going to Austrailia to visit Caz and Dave and the gorgeous girlies would be a good thing for me. Soooooooo I hopped on a plane to visit them for 10 days, just before they moved back to the UK. It was really good timing to be honest, I have been threatening to go since they moved but have never quite been able too, but I made it in the nick of time. Not only was this a great opportunity to see a bit of Perth but somehow being around those two crazies was comfort to my soul.

Arriving back to Cape Town in time for Kennedys birthday (had to agree to that so I could go hahahaha), our 1st wedding anniversary (whoop whoop) Christmas……..I’m going to chat a little about our Christmas and New Year’s here and please bear in mind I cannot mention names or give too much details to protect certain people. We were able to open our home to a young girl who we have grown in relationship with, she is currently living in a girl’s foster home (I think I have spoken about her before) and needed to be placed in a safe place during the holidays. Myself and Kennedy decided to have her stay with us for 10 days over Christmas and New Years. What a special and challenging time. That is all I feel I can say about that time. If you do have any questions or would like to know more, please holla.

Sooooooo then after Christmas and New Year’s came my birthday and Valentine’s day. We decided to go away for two nights in February to celebrate all of the above together, it was such a lovely time chilling in some hot springs and relaxing together.

I’m not sure if anyone has seen Black Panther the movie yet but if not YOU SHOULD! Cinematographically it was epic, more than that it spoke in a very special way for so many reasons to so many people I know. Myself and Kennedy attended a conversation with about 200 other people on the movie and what can we learn about it, here are some thoughts I jotted down when I couldn’t sleep thinking about it, also somethings I have come into contact with because of the country I live in:

The notion or idea of white priviledge

The concept of it

What does it mean to me?

Where did I get it?

Who gave it to me?

Why do I have it?

Do I have it?

Should I have it?

How can I challenge this?

Should we be acknowledging that it’s a thing? Or rather changing our thought patterns and acknowledging that everyone is human.

I once entered a store with a black friend of mine and the security guard checked her bag and not mine. Thinking back on how I should/could have responded led me to think about the next time something like that happens.

Do I respond to the security guard? Why are you searching her bag only? Check mine as well

Or do I say to my friend, why are you allowing him to only check your bag?

Are these the same question? Or are they different?

Empowering my friend not because I am white and people see me as being priviledged but because she is my friend, a human just like me and completely equal to me and no one should have to be seen the way the security guard saw her.

Or what happens when my husband asks for the bill at a restaurant and they give it to me? Do I cause a scene and be that white person again who is not happy? Or do I quietly sit and allow Kennedy to speak up, with utter confidence because he knows I have his back? As his white wife.

Who’s responsibility is it to question these things that happen to some of my closest people daily?

We are one race, the human race.

Perhaps this is a thought I can leave with you all, something that I’m still grappling with, something I’m not sure I will ever have the answers to but relying on God and trusting that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. This is the only hope that I can rely on.

Until next time……..

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