I will never leave you…..

So it’s been two months since I last wrote, which I feel is way better than the cough cough one and abit year previously 😀

Being back in Cape Town has been amazing, got straight back into the swing of things straight away. It was so nice being in the UK for such a long time, we both really enjoyed our time there and really enjoying seeing everyone and spending so much time with people. We miss you guys and can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully very soon.

Back to like in CT, things go back to ‘normal’ very quickly. Not much to speak on really, but I’ll mumble on……

We had some sad news concerning some families we really love when we were in the UK – i won’t really go into much details regarding the situations due to confidentiality but we praise God because as always he has come through. When we begin to doubt Him and question Him, how many times do we have to remind ourselves of Deuteronomy 3v16 and Hebrews 13v5, even God must of thought…..my people whom i love need reminding hahahaha

Myself and Kennedy along with a few others have started a dance group in Salt River for some of the youth – you can follow us on facebook – Genetik Sessions South Africa. It has been so much fun learning how to dance lol and building relationships with some of the young people. We wanted this space to be a place where young people could develop and express creative gifts and talents. We are going to be an opening act for a local Christian band on Thursday 2nd November. We have four more practice sessions before hand. Please pray for us as this will be our first public performance. Attached is a pic of one of the sessions in action.

An organisation called Level Ground have joined arms with Eden to purchase a house in Salt River and converting it into a home for a ministry couple and a few woman within our community. Due to gentrification in and around Salt River, house prices have skyrocketed. We have therefore set up a givengain account to help raise the money. We need to make an initial deposit of R200,000, to be paid by 20th October 2017, please consider giving to this worthy cause. For more information see the link attached.


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