2 months…..WHAT!?

Wow! How time flies. What has it been? 2 months!? Can you believe it? Not since i last wrote a blog…..we won’t mention that any further. But how long I’ve been in the UK! 2 months i have spent away from Cape Town, but 2 months spent in my home country. And what a fantastic, challenging, exciting and trying 2 months it has been.

Where to begin!? Kennedy got his visa so he could come with to Italy and UK. YAY! What a great answer to prayer. And what a fantastic time it was. What a privilege to be able to attend Connor and Kimberleys beautiful wedding in Lake Como and what a view!!! A week well spent.

Then on to England where my poor husband was bombarded with meeting new people pretty much every other day. But those of you who Kennedy know how laid back he is and he was amazing, taking everything in his stride, from one Sunday morning visiting Raglan Road and meeting old and new friends and having the opportunity to share a little about what I’m still up to in Cape Town to the same Sunday rushing straight to a family gathering so he could meet most of my family who couldn’t make it for our wedding. It was such a great day, overwhelming for me but fantastic and probably one of the best days of our holiday in the UK.

As for the rest of our trip together in the UK….well there are photos on Facebook but other than that, we spent most of our time travelling up and down the country visiting family and friends. We based ourselves at Dad and Sam’s in Telford but boy did we do some driving, courtesy of Joelle and her kindness in letting us use her car #thanksJoelle. We went up to Scotland to visit the Martin crew. That was a lovely restful long weekend, where we got to see Debbie and Iain move into there new house, spend one on one quality time with Connor and Kimberley after the business of weddings and visit Becky and Josh’s new house and hang out with the kids as well as celebrating Danny and Jenny’s wedding anniversary #thanksMartins. From there we spent time with my sister Ellie and her boyfriend Richard in Leicester, we were able to chill with them and naturally see all the flipping museums in Leicester hahahaha to spending time with my mom and Joanna in Bewdley, eating traditional English fish and chips next to the river to visiting various friends and family in and around Birmingham.

After about 4 weeks Kennedy had to travel back to South Africa for work…..we shall say no more about that. I mourned for about a week and then realised i had things to do, so i applied for my spousal visa so i could return back to South Africa asap, whilst i was waiting for that visa to come through i was able to work in London for 4 weeks as a nanny to a lovely 4 week old baby girl. I was also able to spend a fantastic evening at Raglan Road sharing in more detail the work i am still doing in Cape Town. Such a wonderful encouraging evening. Raglan Road will always be my home church and still has a definite place in my heart. Thank you all for your support in myself and now Kennedy and for welcoming me back as if i had never been away and for making my husband feel at home straight away….we’ll be back. Oh and thank you to ever member who promised they would keep me accountable for continuing to update my blog once a month. I was also able during the weekends visit family and friends down south which was such a blessing to be able to have some chill time with friendly faces at weekends when my weeks were quite hard.

Queue, the day my passport arrives at dads, me phoning him none stop….has it come yet? Call me the minute it arrives!!! To me getting the very visa i wanted with more time than they normally give it for, add in that it took only 3 weeks instead of the 4 weeks i was told when handing in my application and the 6-8 weeks it says on the website. I was able to change my flights that day at no extra cost for a week later. I then finished my job in London which financially was a blessing for us and head to Dad and Sam’s to annoy them for the week before i flew out.

And as i sit here on the first leg of the flight flying over ??? processing the last 2 months, the first thing that comes to my mind is seeing my husband for the first time in 6 weeks…..obviously! Then the family i leave behind, i will and always miss my people. Come and visit peeps, were waiting. To the family i will be arriving to in Cape Town. My church family, my friends and my family. One thing i have only just realised is how much i compartmentalize. Leaving people i love, who love me but going to where people i love, who love me. Just a thought to dwell on for now…..

Now that I’ve had a few days to settle in, seeing only my husband and family, it is wonderful to be home. 😀 The past two days being able to reconnect with Kennedy, get over jet lag, rest and tidy the house hahahaha has been fantastic! Tomorrow back to work which is going to be crazy busy but I’m so looking forward to it. But for now….of to the families for some yummy nshema.

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