An extremely delayed update

How the time flies…it’s been a shocking and embarrassing (cough cough) months since I last wrote anything. Not that I’ve had any complaints, except from Papa Cheese! 😀

So much has happened…..wishing I had kept some sort of a journal now as my memory has never served me well. Oh yes, how could I forget such a great time..…Papa Cheese and Step Momma Sam have been to visit me twice 😀 Both times were amazing, where I got to show them my life here in Cape Town, they got to experience spending the morning in the clinic with me which was so great, we did tourist things like exploring Cape Town and going on safari, we also took a trip to Drakenstein Prison where friends are busy working on teaching inmates life skills and about Jesus.

Christmas and New Years both this year and last year have been a very interesting time for me. The very first time in my life I have ever been without any of my family…..this happening however made me realize the amazing South African family God has given me. I felt welcomed, comfortable and part of the family wherever I was invited. This Christmas I got to spend it with Kennedy’s family, they welcomed me into there home as if I was part of the family. Plus the weather made everything feel so much easy and nicer.

Myself and Kennedy have been dating for just over year now. He is an amazing man of God and constantly directs me to Him and the person God is calling me to be. He challenges me, he encourages me and he makes smiles. He will be graduating shortly from University as a software developer, I’m super proud of him and all that he has achieved whilst studying. One of his biggest passions is making music and DJing. I look forward to the time when you can all meet him! 😀

In the past while, I’ve had a visit from a friend in England and I took a trip to Cyprus to spend the week with my family for my cousins wedding. Both of these trips were really wonderful. I got to rest well and enjoy myself with family and friends.

So as most of you know I’ve been studying for the past two years. I graduated in December! Yay! Getting top of my class for counseling and second in my class for Biology. It was a very interesting course, it’s official title is Clinical Counselling. The idea was that I learnt how to counsel clients and more specifically clients with TB or HIV, so we have been learning the biology behind that which I have really been enjoying. This means I have not been able to be in the clinic on a Tuesday, which has been quite hard as I really enjoy being there but this is all changing now that I have graduated.

In the clinic I have been given the opportunity to learn so much and have really been encouraged to apply to study nursing. My application will go through in July once I have all the correct and necessary paper work to commence nursing school in January 2017. The current volunteer visa I’m on expires in November so I will be in England around that time applying for a new visa to study in Cape Town. We now have a new, bigger health centre building!!! We have grown so much since it first opened 9 years ago with over 6000 patients currently on our books, therefore we needed a bigger place. The clinic is still in the church building, just in a different place. Amazingly most of the money that we required came from various people within the church, which has been an amazing testimony to God, we received one donation of R2million. We have been in our new building for 3 months now and are quickly adjusting to our new facilities. I’ve attached a video that was created by Kennedy and another member of staff that work at Jubilee.

My housemate Rudo and myself have finally moved houses. In my last blog I wrote about being part of a team called Eden. Well on the 1st April we eventually moved into Salt River. Yay!!! 😀 This is something big to be celebrated as finding a place to stay in Salt River is extremely difficult and at a good price, even harder. We had a first viewing of the house and we applied but our application never seemed to make it to the correct people. We then saw that it was still available online so we went to see the house again and the rent had been taken down by £100 each month, which was more in our budget, we applied and we got the place!!! We are very happy in our new place, since moving in we have met some of our neighbours. There is a patient whom I know very well from the clinic that lives four doors down and two children that Rudo knows from a Kids Club she does at the church on Saturday mornings. This is very exciting for us, we are very happy to be living here. Please continue to pray that we have key conversations with people and they see God in the way we live with one another and the people that come and go from our house.

I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all who have been praying for me. I love having visitors and showing people what I do on a daily basis as well as exploring Cape Town together. You will always have a place to stay when you come! 😀

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