Holiday time! :-D

Its 3.15am exactly. I’m currently flying over Africa to the left of the Sahara desert, seemingly not far from the border. I’m wide awake with 3hours 45minutes left on my journey. Looking to my left and right seeing other people sleeping, hoping my body will fix up and let me sleep. It’s Saturday 21st December 2013. I’ve been away from the UK, living in Cape Town for 11 months and what a journey it has been.

Thinking about a holiday is nice. J I have taken just under 2 weeks off for holiday in the past 11 months and now I’m on holiday for 40days…whoop! I was trying to get myself excited about flying back to the UK today, I was dancing around the house, listening to music and singing really out of tune, my housemates can testify to that. I couldn’t quite understand why I wasn’t excited, usually I am which is why it didn’t make sense. I hate the long haul flight and although I’m flying direct and have nothing to complain about…I hate it!

I have soooooo missed my family. Sometimes are harder than others and I have missed some more than others…shout out to Joanna! J She is one person I cannot wait to see. She just loves me, so evidently, nothing gets in her way of skyping me or whatsapping me ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME! We are going to have so much fun together this holiday.

As I think now about returning back ‘home’ I’m not too sure what to expect. 11 months is a long time and things change, am I ready for the change? What will have changed? Will I be ok?

I haven’t spoken to anyone for 8.5 hours…it’s not like me. I feel like I need to debrief with someone. Missing my housemates for that, although I’m not sure what I need to debrief about.

Its ridiculous what you think when you’re tired and awake in the middle of the night. I wonder if many people feel comfortable pooing on a plane…..? Why is it awkward when you try to have a conversation with the person sitting next to you? Why are the curtains closed hiding first class? Why do I apologise when asking for water? Why do people hand me their babies to hold for pretty much the entire duration of the flight? Hahahahahahahaha! Why can’t I sleep!!!??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I got into the University of Cape Town…yeah boy! My course will start within a week of my arriving back to CT. I’m really looking forward to studying and using it during my current work. I will mostly be at the medical campus which is a 4 minute walk from my house. Considering the course is 2 years and I’m an international student, the fees are only R5000, which is roughly £400 for the whole course. J

It’s strange to know that when I arrive back in CT at the end of January, Joelle won’t be there. She is leaving on 31st December. Joelle was one of the main reasons I came to CT in the first place. We have had our up and downs over the past 11 months but I have learnt to appreciate her sooooo much. She is an amazingly honest woman of God. She has such a heart for people not many people even think about. The one thing I can say about Joelle is that she is completely honest, which I love and have appreciated. There is no hidden agenda with her. I am going to miss having her in my day to day life and I’m going to miss lying on her bed at night and having a chat.

Please pray for my holiday time, that I will enjoy myself, my family, recouperate and I won’t be too cold…..ImageImage

2 thoughts on “Holiday time! :-D

  1. Lovely reading that Sara, love u so much and I know its hard readjusting to things but just try and enjoy every minute!!! May the Lord continue to lead, bless and speak to you clearly every day and keep you safe in His very capable Arms!!!! Love you! From your favourite Auntie!!!!! Haha xxxxxxxxxxxx

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