As the end of the year approaches…..

Today is the 1st Dec and as I look back over the past 11 months I smile. Currently sitting in the living room with my friend Namhla, listening to music whilst the sun is shining outside…I fear I have turned into an African already! A lazy Sunday afternoon after the Christmas Play at church this morning, it feels so strange as Christmas approaches and the sun is shining brightly and radiating heat that reaches 32 degrees. Walking around the shops yesterday seeing Christmas trees and decorations up has been an interesting experience. I am very much looking forward to visiting the UK and Switzerland over Christmas and being cold…..

The past 11 months have been a time of excitement, fear, courage, strength, faith and patience. Even before I left England to come to Cape Town I was so excited but there was an underlying current of fear, a lot of what if’s. God has answered all of my questions and directed me on the path He wants me to be on. Most of what I have been doing feels like I’ve been doing it forever, it feels like second nature and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else right now. People often ask ‘so what have you been doing?’, I always find it difficult to reply…..‘I’ve been doing my job’, my life here is very normal much like everyone else’s. There are times when extraordinary things happen, wonderful miracles and healing that God is doing. People joke that miracles and healing only happen in Africa…well I’ve only seen them here…why is that!?

There have been tests and trials that I have been through and at the time I could not see what God had in store for me, many of these things I still don’t know but for those I know I am so thankful for the tests and trials – without these my faith would not have been tested. God has given me courage and strength to live out this year in Cape Town and I’m sooooo looking forward to what is to come next year.

I am still waiting to hear if I got an extension on my visa. Hopefully I will find out before I leave in 19days. In the meantime I’m planning my trip to England, Scotland and Switzerland. I arrive into Heathrow on 21st Dec – leave for Scotland on 29th Dec – leave for Switzerland on 4th Jan – leave for Birmingham on 7th Jan – leave for Cape Town on 27th Jan. I am hoping I get to see all of my wonderful friends and family in the 5 weeks I am around.  I will be working for 2 weeks in January to help with costs of flights but not sure of the exact dates yet.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a course I’ve applied to do – this is a part time Advanced Clinical Counselling course at the University of Cape Town, because it is part time I can do the course on my volunteer visa and it doesn’t interfere with the work I am going to continue at the clinic. The course is an 18 month course which will finish in December 2015.

Please pray that this interview goes well and I get a place on this course starting in March.Image

One thought on “As the end of the year approaches…..

  1. Wonderful Sara, so glad you have been blessed whilst in Africa, I know you have been a blessing to all you meet. May the Lord continue to bless you and provide your every need. Loads of Love to You and looking forward to seeing you soon. xxxxxx

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