I’m 3687 in the queue!?!?!

Guess what everyone!!!???  I’ve been living in Cape Town for four months!!!

Summer is most definitely over and winter has begun! The houses here in South Africa don’t have central heating or double glazed windows, there is a lot of rain and wind so you can only imagine how cold it is…..and I’ve been told that it isn’t even that cold yet!

Our new housemate Rudo moved in, she has been living with us for a month now and we absolutely adore her! She is what Joelle and myself were praying for, a real answer to prayer. I hope she loves us as much as we love her.  I mean…..who wouldn’t!? Attached is a cute picture of her. 

For the past six weeks I have been using my friend Glynn’s car, she is also one of the nurses I work with. This has been such a blessing to me. She unfortunately broke her fibula after jumping off her surfboard. She has been in a cast for six weeks and is having it taken off on Monday, hopefully she was be fully recovered and won’t require any physiotherapy. This for me means that I will be without a car, just as the rainy season begins! I have come to realize that I have become quite reliant on a car and believe it to be somewhat of a necessity especially since it gets dark very early now and the weather is getting much bleaker. Having a car also gives me freedom to do things in the evenings. In the UK I could probably buy a little run around for about £700 but here cars are far more expensive and to buy a little run around would cost about £3000.  Please pray that finances come in so I can purchase a car soon.

Two weeks ago I had my laptop stolen. As it turns out I can claim it back from my travel insurance, which is great. I had the great pleasure of experiencing the South African police force when I had to go to the police station to open a case, where I was met by an officer who was unexpectedly excited about my British passport, and I quote ‘I need one of those to go on holiday’. After our 10 minute discussion about where he would go on holiday and what he would do when he was there, he started to write my report. I will apply to my insurance and hope the claim gets processed pretty quickly. 

The day before my wonderful trip to the police station I went to Home Affairs to pick up my visa after being told it was ready, I arrived to find there were 3686 people ahead of me in the queue, considering this I only waited an hour and a half but was then told that I couldn’t collect my visa decision today as the Cape Town office hadn’t yet registered they had received it from the Pretoria office…..come back in 7-10days! You can imagine my frustration after being told that I couldn’t collect it after waiting for ages. Suppose I will just go back there in a few weeks when I can be sure they have actually registered it.

These are things I am going to have to learn to deal with if I plan on being in South Africa for quite some time..…which leads nicely into my potential plans for the future….

I have really been thinking about studying nursing here in Cape Town for the past month now…its just a thought at the moment and I am trying to look into it a bit so I can get an idea if its even possible. I have really been enjoying my time in the clinic and have been allowed to do a few nursey things, which I have been loving. Not sure how it would work out logistically and I have a habit of trying to plan things before I know if they are even a possibility so please pray that God will put things in place for it to be possible.

As a final footnote I want to just say how proud I am of my friend Namhla who gave her heart to the Lord on the camp we went on a month or so ago. She got baptised two weeks ago at church. Attached is a photo.  She has had a difficult time recently with a few family matters so please pray for her during these difficult times and that her relationship with God continues



6 thoughts on “I’m 3687 in the queue!?!?!

  1. Hi Sara! Its always a great pleasure to read ur blog & hear from you. I hope your insurance company will favour you. Wishing you God’s best for the future. You will not lack any good thing in Jesus’ name Amen. Keep us posted!!

  2. Hello Sweetie!!!! I was so looking forward to this blog and was not disappointed!!!! I am praying for you, that the Lord will continue to supply all your needs and that He will keep you healthy and safe! Just know that loads of prayers and love are always coming your way!!!! xxxxxxxxx♥♥♥

  3. Sara fab post, Ever thought of becoming a writer ?? and praise God for his wonderful blessings. Love you xxx

  4. great to read blog . love you lots . praying for you. hope it doesn’t get too cold . Excited to see what plans God has for you . !!!!! xxxx

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