Avoir Un Grand Temps

Today is Sunday and as I sit in a cute little cafe using the wifi and sipping on a lovely fruit juice, feeling the sun on my back I smile as my friend walks across the cafe to come and sit with me on his break. I tell him about my blog and he asks how many followers I have. He is impressed with the amount of people around the world reading my blog…so keep it up guys! 🙂

I’ve felt slightly pressured recently about writing another blog, no names mentioned…dad! But sometimes I feel that my life here might seem boring and no one wants to hear about my day to day life as I feel that I’m now just living my life, which in one way is really nice because I wouldn’t want it to feel any other way but in another it can sometimes be a little boring and I don’t like ready boring details about someone’s life so would anyone else? I then realise that i don’t need to feel pressured about writing a long blog and can just write little snippets here and there. This blog however will be pretty long as I have discovered I have a lot to say.

I just want to update you all on the situation with the lady I wrote about in my last blog. Since my last blog, a few people have come forward and want to give some money to this lady for various things…this is sooo awesome and such an answer to prayer, therefore I am due to have a meeting this week with some of the ladies in church who have known her for as long as she has been coming to the church…I’m hoping to get some guidance on what to do with the money that people have kindly offered and the best way to go about it all. My main goal at the moment is to get her and her three girls out of the place they are living.

After applying for the admin job at the children’s home I received an email from manager of the home saying there isn’t funding to pay for a position so I have decided to volunteer there on my two other days. They really need help with finding support as they are not a government children’s home because the government don’t think there is need for another children’s home (I will keep my comments about that to myself!!!) So I’m very excited about starting next week, especially as I already have a relationship with one of the little girls in the home as she is in my Sunday school group.

I have also been helping Chris Lockwood out a little, which is great as I get to see what he’s up too and I get to spend time with him…he is a hard person to track down.
I’m sure you will all be happy to know that the bruise on my elbow has healed. Winter time is coming so I’m not sure if I will spend much time in the water, unlike the wonderfully crazy doctor I work with.

I got to go to the student/20’s weekend away which was brilliant…it really gave me a chance to get to know and meet more people from church and really feel the presence of God. It was fantastic to watch and be apart of 100 young people worshiping God and spending time with one an other in the presence of Him. I also got to serve them by driving back and forth from the train station picking them up and dropping them off which was fun because I got to make some more friends. A sort of daughter of Joelle’s (she has a lot) came with me and gave her heart to the Lord which was awesome, she is now coming to church every week and is trying to find a life group to be a part of.
In other news…I went to Namibia for a long weekend with Joelle. The 22 hour bus journey would have been fine if it was infact 22 hours as opposed to the 26 hours journey that it ended up being. We took ages to get through customs as they didn’t let a Congolese lady and her daughter through the border, her English wasn’t that great, she was very upset and I wasn’t sure exactly sure of how much she understood so I tried to help and explain to her a little. Once through the border I fell asleep, only to be woken by the bus pulling to the side of the road because we had run out of petrol, we were in the middle of nowhere, 20 miles from the nearest town…TIA!
Once we arrived in Windhoek we were met by Joelle’s friend who we stayed with for the next two nights, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the relaxing time…then we got on another bus for another 22 hour bus ride. This one was better, a better company with far more relaxing seats that reclined pretty much all the way back! Next trip…Angola!!! 🙂

Myself and Joelle have started having French lessons once a week which we are really enjoying and we are both learning a lot…bonjour, bonjour!
A week ago I had to say goodbye to my first pair of friends who are going back to the states, this was not fun…I took them to the airport with a few other friends and said our very emotional goodbyes.
I’m still waiting for my visa application to go through, which could be between 2 weeks and 7 months…according to my Canadian friend! I don’t think it will be a problem but please pray that it will be processed and everything will be fine.
Heading home now to have a late afternoon nap before church this evening.
Pass on the blog! 😀

Edge of the Atlantic



Stranded in the middle of Namibia


4 thoughts on “Avoir Un Grand Temps

  1. Lovely to read your latest update, Sara. May God bless and keep you safe. We prayed for you at Church yesterday from our prayer list/diary. Big hugs, love Liz x X x X

  2. Soooo good to read this Sara and see how you are getting on in Cape Town. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I pray you will always be guided by the Lord in all you do. You are a real blessing to us all here so I know you will be to everyone the Lord puts in your path there. Much Love and Loads of Hugs to You……….Linda xxxxxx♥♥♥

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