Climbing to my feet!

If you’re wondering what the title of this blog is referring to….read on….(but sadly no its not referring to the length of time I’m spending in prayer!)

Wow. Not really sure where to start. I guess I will start thanking you all for your continued prayer and support. It has been wonderful to hear that people are praying for me, it’s such an encouragement.
Over the past few weeks, myself and Joelle have been looking at new places to live as the house we were in previously was a little crowded, with me and Lindo sharing a room. We have found a lovely new place in Observatory which is a 10 minute walk from church and work for me and it’s much easier for Joelle to get to work as well. I am so thankful to God for this house as I feel much safer and it is much nicer. On the day of our move, Lindo fell down the stairs and between myself and Joelle we spent 8 hours in the hospital waiting for doctors, x-rays, medication and casts. A day later Lindo was able to move her hand with no problems so we removed the cast and she was fine – what a waste of time!….I mean, what a blessing that she’s ok hahahaha!!

I am really enjoying volunteering in the clinic and I’m learning more and more as the days go by. Recently I met a young woman the same age as me, she has three young children. This lady is incredibly bright and is trying very hard to go to school and pass her exams to become an auxiliary nurse. Her two oldest children go to school and her youngest is at home with her or looked after by one of her neighbours, but not very often, so she struggles to get to school at all. Add in that her youngest has TB so needs to go to the clinic regularly for medication and check-ups, so you can imagine how difficult it is for her. The other day her daughter needed to go to another clinic for another x-ray as they had lost the old ones but her mother needed to go to school so I went with one of the nurses to take her. We picked her up from home in the morning, if that is in fact what you can call it, a home. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. It was a shack, fine, on the side of the railway line, fine, in a derelict car park, fine, with so much rubbish, piled high outside, fine. But once you open the “door” to get inside, the smell just hits you. There was one bed (for four people) and piles of rubbish around it. I hope I am doing a good job of being informative because I really want you all to understand how this woman and her children are living. I have attached some photos as I cannot express through words what it was like and how I felt after seeing this. This lady has not had an easy life from the beginning. Her mother gave birth to her in prison, she was then moved from foster home to foster home and then ended up on the street. She met her mother when she was 9 years old and her mother wanted nothing to do with her. She then tried to find love from different places, especially from men which is why she has three children from three different fathers. Considering all she has been through, she is an amazing mother and tries to do best by all her children. Through all of this, I am learning to rely on God and trust that He can put things in place (like the clinic) to help provide for her, encourage her and love her. Please pray for wisdom and guidance on how to continue to help this lady and her family.

After praying some more about the other two days and possibly volunteering at Thembacare, I really felt that it is not the place for me to be at this time. I have since applied for a part time job on my two days off. This job is an admin assistant in a Christian children’s home. The pay isn’t fantastic as it only pays a stipend but it will be more for the experience and hopefully I can help in some way. Please pray that if it’s right I get this job. Also, when I have some free time I will be helping Chris Lockwood on a project he is hoping to get up and running imminently.

So far, I thank God that I’ve only had one day I’ve missed home. I’ve been here 7 weeks now so I think that’s pretty good going. It’s been really amazing living with Joelle and Lindo, they are my family whilst I’m here, along with Lydia and Mike, Adam and Chris and Nobby. I started surfing lessons two weeks ago and I’m really enjoying them. This week was my second lesson and I finally got to catch a decent wave. I was up off my knees on my surf board and then I was down after losing my balance and landing on my funny bone. Very proud of my bruised arm – Photo attached!
Please feel free to share the link with others and keep following and commenting on my blog. Peace out and much love!








4 thoughts on “Climbing to my feet!

  1. Oh Sara, u r amazing. I pray the Lord will continue to lead u in His work there. I pray also that he will keep you safe in His loving and capable arms.
    Love u sooooo much! xxxxxx♥♥

  2. Thank you again for keeping us informed of what God is doing and i must say its marvelous in our eyes. Let us know what we spoke about concerning that family.Again really touched by what your doing and really proud of my Daughther.

    God bless xx

  3. Lovely to read yet so sad that some people have to live in such places. Keep us informed how the little girl is responding to treatment. Praying for you. Love you loads cuz xxxxx

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