The Thembalistha Foundation

The Thembalistha Foundation is one of the organisations i will be volunteering for whilst in Cape Town. Below is some information about the foundation and the many projects they run.

Thembalistha means ‘new hope’ in Xhosa, the language of the coloured people.
Thembalistha aim to bring restoration and hope to desperate and needy people of South Africa, developing them to a point of self-reliance through the provision of healthcare,education and training.
Thembalistha has been open since 1997 and I will be working in one of the seven projects in the Western Cape of South Africa.
I will be working at Thembacare in Athlone, there they have a care hospice for children who are HIV positive. They also admit children with other life threatening diseases whose family need support. Thembacare Athlone is one of only two such facilities in the Western Cape and therefore fulfill a very vital position.
Thembacare Athlone collaborate with the social services and health facilities to ensure the most comprehensive solution possible and they complement this with spiritual and emotional support.

The social work team provides ongoing counselling to both child and family as they come to terms with the impact of the disease or prepare for death and the consequent grieving process.

The team of registered nurses and care-workers, supported by a doctor, provide children with medical care and educate parents on their child’s condition as well as available medication.

The professional dietician oversees the nutritional needs of the children to best maximise rehabilitation.

Many of the patients suffer from severe developmental delays so regular occupational therapy is provided for the children. Parents are always encouraged to be involved in these sessions.

A normal childhood routine is maintained as far as possible. This includes playtime outside, outings and attending a nearby crèche during the day. It is Thembacare Athlone’s hope that by providing these services they offer children a chance to enjoy a healthy and comfortable childhood as far as possible and that families feel empowered to make informed decisions about their children and their own health.

Below is the website where you can find more information about the Thembalistha Foundation.!HOME/mainPage

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