Jubilee Community Church & The Health Clinic

Jubilee Community Church (JCC) will be the church i will be attending as a member on Sunday mornings. In my previous two visits to Cape Town i have had the pleasure of visiting JCC. In my more recent visit i was able to spend time in the health clinic where i felt my gifts could be used effectively and efficiently. Below is some information about the health clinic and exactly what my role will be when i am there.

The accessibility to the poor and needy of basic medical care can be limited for various reasons, not least of which is the overloading of government facilities. Many folk therefore go without medical attention, their illnesses, fears and questions un-addressed. There is a resultant loss of work, hope and health.

In 2006 the Jubilee Health Centre (JHC) was birthed in response to this. Initially the JHC consisted of a clinic offering professional, confidential and affordable primary health care to the needy within its sphere of influence.
In late 2008 two counseling services were added – a pregnancy help centre and a centre for voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) for HIV.

All three services operate together in one place, with a number of volunteers augmenting the existing staff of two doctors, two nursing sisters and a counselor. Each patient/client is cared for by a team, given professional attention and then ministered to in prayer.


There is a good working relationship between JHC and various neighboring government hospitals and clinics (and even the local police station!).

I will be working in the health clinic, mainly as a translator for the many Congolese people that attend the clinic. I will also be assisting looking after the children if their parents need to speak to the doctor alone.

Please find below the website for Jubilee Community Church.


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