About me

As most of you know I’m 26years old and have spent the past two years working as a nanny in Switzerland. Over the past three years I have been privledged enough to go to Cape Town, SA twice. The first time I went to visit a friend who was there for three months and I immediately fell in love with the place. I then went out just over a year later as an idea to go long term. I was able to see different projects that were taking place and it helped me to pray about the decisions for the future. The first organization I will be volunteering for will be Thembalistha (meaning new hope in Xhorsa) Foundation. With this organisation I will in a care hospice helping the doctors and nurses take care of babies and toddlers with HIV/Aids. My main roles will be playing with the children, liaising with social workers and aiding the doctors and nurses with whatever they need. The second organisation is with Jubilee Community Church where a large number of Congolese people come to receive services from the clinic. I will helping the doctors and nurses translate from French to English and vise versa. I believe God called me to Switzerland two years ago little did I know to learn French so it can be used this way!

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